Arica 80 Years of Creation

Arica 80 Years of Creation

The company Arica was established in 1934 by the late Yehuda Arica, as the first mosaic workshop in Israel. Arica regarded Hebrew labor as a top value and studied construction, masonry, flooring and mosaic. In 1961, Yehuda Arica and his son established the Shaham Arica factory in Ashdod as a factory for manufacturing mosaic stairs. During the following years, his sons Yoel and Ami also joined him, and the small factory became a leading factory in Israel. About 100 employees are employed across two divisions, the street furniture division and the stone division. The company holds quality standards by the Israel Standards Institute, ISO 9001, standard for marking a product with a green tag. Here at Shaham Arica, we have solutions to all out customers’ needs! We do not stop creating and developing for you.

The Street Furniture Division

For more than 45 years, the street furniture factory has been designing the urban spaces in Israel. Dani Arica, the founder of Shaham Arica has led the design line which has placed a new bar in Israel. The products designed by Dani have won various design awards. Over the years, the street furniture factory has developed and also included a design studio. The products designed by the company are on every street and park across the country. The company collaborates with landscape architects and decision-makers in the local authorities. As part of adapting the products to the varying street conditions, the company chooses to incorporate advanced technological solutions in its products. In addition, many of the Shaham Arica products are made from recycled concrete, thus assisting in saving the environment. Shaham Arica is proud to realize its vision and continue to create a designed, convenient and accessible urban space with its products.

Prefabricated Structures – So Simple!

Our structure factory provides prefabricated structures from concrete which can be places on designated sites – such as guard stations, public toilets, offices, electrical facilities and more. The structures are adapted for disability standards and have finishing adapted to the customer’s requests. Recently, the company has also begun importing automatic toilet structures and they are the first to create a new level of service for citizens on the Israeli street.

The Stone Division

More than 80 years of experience in the field of surfacing, flooring and stairs have made us the longest-running and most loyal company to its customers. Over the years we have had contact with thousands of professionals in the construction field and we work alongside them. Our partners know that our words are set in stone. We accompany the work process from start to finish – from the stage of consultation and adaptation and until the installation. Throughout the process, the team provides quick response to any question and updates regarding the process development. Our stone warehouse – one of the largest in the county – spreads across thousands of square meters of stone inventory ready for work. We have a rich variety of samples and material, which are constantly being updated according to the innovations and updates in the industry. We are one step ahead of them all! In our factory you can find the most advanced machines for polishing, cutting and processing the stone.